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Join the Strategy Conversation

In June 2013, a process will begin to create a new vision and five-year strategic plan for ICANN.

As always, the community will be engaged for input during the process. In fact, you can start right now. To help provide a framework for ICANN strategic planning, and prepare us for an increasingly complex world, please share your thoughts below.

The planning process is expected to begin in June and complete by January. Key steps and milestones planned are listed here.

  • June 2013 - Start of strategic planning process
  • July 2013 - Public discussion in Durban and online
  • October 2013 - Proposed Strategic Plan posted for public comment
  • November 2013 - Public discussion in Buenos Aires
  • November/ December 2013 - Board consideration
  • January 2014 - New strategic plan posted; begin development of Operating Plan/Budget

Share Your Thoughts

Remember, we are creating a new, overarching vision and strategy for ICANN. The collection of programs and projects in the current strategic plan will be addressed in ICANN’s operating plan.

If you would like to send more detailed comments or documents, please email your feedback to


This comment session is closed. Click here to join the next phase of the strategic planning discussion. Click here to view input from this session.